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A blonde, a brunette, and a cryogenically frozen head travel cross country in search of adventure.
Welcome to Head Out On The Highway

Ahhhh... There's nothing quite like world travel. Meeting new people, seeing new sights. But you just haven't lived until you've traveled with the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Sidney!

What? You've never heard of Walt Sidney? Walt was a great movie producer, and the ceo of a multi-million dollar industry, until he fell upon ill health and had his head cryogenically frozen until a cure could be found for his horrible ailment. But you can read more about that in Walt's Story.

Walt always was ahead of the times, now he's a head in our times!

I'm your friendly neighborhood webmaster, Lorina, and I'll be your guide through this site. My best friend Jennifer and I embarked on this journey with Walt. Let me tell you, Walt can be one heck of a hell raiser when he wants to be!

Some Sample Photos...

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Disclaimer: No cryogenically frozen heads were harmed in the making of this website. Any similarities between this frozen head and the frozen heads of heads of major corporations is strictly coincidental.

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